Mom Conference 2014

Being a mom is a tough, often thankless job. Fortunately, we have each other to lean on for advice and support, sharing tips and tricks to help make our important jobs a little easier.

As moms, we often feel overwhelmed and inadequate. We struggle to get dinner on the table, feed our kids healthy food or control our spending, and then consume ourselves with mom guilt. We constantly think that others are doing it better than we are. We wonder if our bodies will ever bounce back after giving birth. We get upset when we yell or nag at our kids. We unintentionally over-schedule ourselves and get distracted from the thing we love to do the most: make our families the best they can be.

That’s why I’m inspired by the more than 30 well known moms who taught me a few things at The Mom Conference. They brought all of their best tips and tricks for making life easier as a mom.

Take advantage of their advice by purchasing The Mom Conference class downloads today:


Their advice provides actionable, step-by-step solutions to deal with the challenges we face as moms, such as:

  • Learn the one phrase that gets kids to listen without yelling or nagging

  • Take things off of your plate when you’re over-scheduled

  • Whip up a month’s worth of dinners just in a few hours

  • Get your home organized and keep it that way

  • Re-connect to your marriage and strength it

  • And, so much more!

You don’t have to go to their websites, or even change out of your PJs–their expertise has been gathered all in one place, and you can listen to it while cooking, exercising, running errands or watching your kids play.

The entire catalog of Mom Conference downloads (and nearly 20 free bonus items) can start inspiring you now for $67 (in two $33.50 installments if you like), but act today because this special price is only in effect during the conference.


The price will increase to $97 on Monday, April 14th, at midnight! Take these important steps to improve yourself and your family today:

The Mom Conference classes have inspired moms everywhere, like this one:

“There are SO MANY resources you have pulled together here, the possibilities are endless. This is why after only listening to 4 presentations, I knew I would be purchasing the package. This helped me not feel pressure to listen to all of them each day so I can now take my time and process how to use the resources to make our lives better.”


Order today!

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The Mom Summit

I received an email this morning about this new (FREE) online conference for moms by moms, called the Mom Summit. I immediately checked it out and even registered.

Again, this conference is FREE to register and attend online March 31-April. You will have the option to purchase the Mom Summit during and after the conference. More information about the Mom Summit from their website:

“The Mom Summit is a FREE week-long online event packed with 30 inspiring interviews and videos with some of the top bestselling authors, parenting experts, fitness gurus and DIY pros!
During this 100% FREE online summit you’ll be inspired to…

Enjoy being a mother by learning how to stop comparing, judging, or feeling guilty
Put dinner on the table with a few simple tricks when you create 30 days worth of meals in just a few hours (you’re going to LOVE this!)
Get your kids to listen without yelling, nagging, or reminding (this will change your life)
Organize any space and keep it that way (what?!)
Maintain (or re-light) the spark in your relationship
Reclaim your rockin’ bod’ after childbirth without DIEting
Take simple steps to define your time and balance being a mom with other projects/work

And much more! It’s totally cool to listen and learn while doing the dishes or hanging out in your sweats. Yep!”


Check it out and register today!

Let me know if you registered and what you are most looking forward to!   I think I look forward to the diet / exercise ideas and organization ideas the most.


Rachel Sig

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Loving Service

This week has been one of praying and serving one another for our family. A tummy bug has been making its way through our family. As you can imagine this mommy is tired! I should be asleep, all the kids are. But, I keep thinking this week that I want to share something with all of you and then a simple thankful prayer made me need to share. I’m not sharing out of pride or boastfulness but out of a place in my heart that I want to share God’s sweet love with all of you.

When weeks like this come, I always think I wish I were more like Brandi. Yes, my teenage daughter. You see, she has such a servants heart! I am positive I did not cultivate that heart! I am no where near the servant she is. The night after her bout with the tummy bug her younger sister got sick and Brandi says to me, “Let me know if you need my help”. I told her thank you and sent her to get her dad and told her go to bed all the while thinking how selfless she is (& maybe a little nuts!). I know I never offered to help my mom take care of my little sister when she was puking. I know I didn’t think beyond myself and how worn out and awful I felt the day after I’d been throwing up. The next night she wakes me up because her baby sister had thrown up. While I was cleaning off the bedding, Brandi was cleaning off her sister (2 days after having been up all night sick!). Seriously! “OK, God, I’m sitting here balling at 2am because I’m so tired from being up all night most of this week caring for sick ones and here my teenage daughter is showing us how much she loves us through selflessness that can only come from you…help me to be more of a servant to my family and to be the mom and wife you created me to be!”

Fast forward a couple days (or nights?) and as she’s praying tonight she says, “Thank you God for parents that show me how to be a loving parent”. I barely heard her say it over her younger siblings playing and me telling them they were being rude, so she told me what she said as I was leaving the room.

Brandi’s not the only one who helped me this week. Zach has helped clean carpet, clean out puke pans, keep laundry moving, and cook meals too (he even washed fresh eggs and took them to our neighbor, b/c we obviously aren’t eating them right now). The little ones have made sure that puke pans were placed in everyone’s beds and helped tend to various other needs in the family. My Man, of course, has been a tremendous help with groceries, meals, cleaning up messes and getting up with me and the sick children EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. (It’s times like these I am so grateful that we are able to set our own hours / days for work and school!)

Thank you God for showing me through my family what loving service looks like. Thank you for showing me through my children that what I am doing makes a difference and that I am more of the woman you created me to be than I ever imagined. And that I am actually showing them what your love looks like in action.

How has your family shown Gods love to one another recently? What is one way you can each share God’s love with one another this week?

Rachel Sig

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Cast All Your Cares…

1 Peter 5:7-8  (NIV)

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

This is the second week of the Made to Crave Online Bible Study with Proverbs 31.  This week’s Bible verse (1 Peter 5:7-8) is about casting your cares (anxiety) on Him because He cares for us.  Mellisa Taylor said in the optional conference call on Monday, that word CAST is not gently handing your cares over to God but CASTING like a fisherman casting his line!  I LOVE that description.  So often, we as women, tend to live in our heads and hearts so thoughts easily turn to worries or cares and then to anxiety.  If we do not CAST our cares on God then we are either holding on to them or we are politely handing them over to Him just in case we *need* to take them back and worry about them some more.  I know, I know, really I do, it’s not that easy to CAST our cares to God.  I mean, it’s seriously not like we can see our cares or we can walk up to Him and hand him that Pepsi or that bill or that child that we are so concerned about at that exact moment.  Today has been a stressful day for me.  I wanted that Pepsi and it was still on my grocery list from a past shopping trip, but I didn’t buy it.  I truly dislike grocery shopping.  And then when I got home I am immediately told, “Mom, you need to deal with Mr. Thoughtful” before I’m even at the front door.  God, I am casting all my cares on you! Did my day get easier?  Not really and I still haven’t gotten around to working out today.  But I do know that it could be worse and I survived grocery shopping without succumbing to all the awful things I could have bought (Hostess anyone?).  My legs still burn from working out yesterday and I LOVE that I am reminded of that workout so I don’t feel like a complete failure today.  And, I REALLY want to read that book I mentioned above – Made to Crave.  I am looking forward to sitting down with a hot cup of tea, the other half of my oatmeal raisin cookie My Man bought me a few days ago, and my Bible studies and breathe and cast all my cares on God because I know He cares about me.  How do I know?  Because He created me! I encourage all of you to CAST ALL YOUR CARES ON HIM BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT YOU…

(btw, my evening is shaping up to be calmer I thought.  The teens are working on their To Kill a Mockingbird critical essays that are due tomorrow, the little ones are watching Valiant (Little Miss-Hugs-A-Lot keeps saying, “I don’t like this movie.  I want My Little Pony!” while stamping her foot, but shes watching it).  So, I’m off to fix dinner then I will sit down and eat with my family then we will clean the kitchen and I will then go sit down with my Bible studies (Made to Crave and Intentionally Focused) and my tea and 1/2 a cookie.)

What cares have you cast on God this week?  What cares do you need to cast on Him? Please share in the comments.

Linking Up with the P31OBS Made to Crave Blog Hop.

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Abundant Harvest Kids Game Review

I am so excited to tell you about the Abundant Harvest Kids game. We were given this game free in return for an honest review.  There are two versions of the Abundant Harvest Game, the one we are reviewing is the kid version.   The Kid version of the Abundant Harvest Game is for 2-8 players ages 7 and up.  The game is all about teachable moments for the parents (and educators) to teach kids the importance of making decisions that are based on principle.  All of the games at Harvest Time Partners are Conversation Games, games that are intended to strengthen character by encouraging conversation.

 photo ScreenShot2013-11-16at25827PM_zps9791736e.png

I played this game with my kids, ages 2-14.  The 2 year old got to roll the die and collect Abundant Harvest Reward cards (which are like play money, not a card).  The older kids & I all played by the rules.  We really enjoyed the conversation cards and discussing our answers.  There are questions that I do not think belong in a game for 7 year olds, so we skipped them (like what to do if your parents tell you they are divorcing, that may be appropriate for some kids but I do not feel that is something that I need to make my kids think about). One thing that we all agreed on is that there are not enough light hearted or ice breaking question cards.  Like what is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?  Or what is your favorite book?  Who is your favorite author?  Those are discussions that could also lead to character building. We don’t feel that all the questions need to feel so “heavy”, we may make a few cards of our own to include like that.  Another thing that we did not like was that you are rewarded for “bad” behavior in the game. Here are 3 examples of items you earn Abundant Harvest Reward cards for (again they are not cards, they are like paper play money).

IMG_4562” You did 50 extra push-ups each day at practice to get stronger Receive an Abundant Harvest Reward Card” (those are worth 20 points)

IMG_4565“Did not make your bed in the morning Receive a Modest Harvest Reward Card” (worth 10 points)

IMG_4563“Hit your brother because you did not get what you wanted Receive a Poor Harvest Reward Card” (worth 5 points)

The above statements are on the game board.  You roll the die, move your game piece the appropriate number of spaces, read the space you land on and accept the reward given to you by the accountant in the game.  Then you take a corresponding color card (Parent, Child, or School) and answer the question how you think / feel it should be answered based on one of the principles on the principle cards provided.  We (My Man, the teens, and I) all feel that instead of being rewarded you should have points taken away.  After all, we don’t necessarily reward or punish for not making beds.  But in life if you don’t care for your teeth, you are not going to be rewarded.  And hitting a sibling is definitely not rewarded, not even slightly.

Overall, we really did like this game.

I really encourage you to check out the About Us page at Harvest Time Partners.  I have really enjoyed working with David Esposito.  He “is a combat veteran, business executive, husband, father, and creator of character-building resources that help individuals, families, and businesses reach their full potential in an uncertain world.  David’s character and leadership skills were cultivated at West Point and through leadership assignments in the US Army Infantry. As an airborne ranger infantry officer, David led a rifle platoon of 39 men with the 101st Airborne Division through several combat operations in the Gulf War. He was recognized with a Bronze Star for combat operations in February 1991. David and his wife Tracy develop programs and resources designed to strengthen the character of individuals and build and sustain healthy relationships. This includes Character Creates Opportunity®, an initiative that was specifically designed to improve the character development of children, adolescents, and adults. Their patented, award-winning conversation game, Abundant Harvest®, is played by families, schools, counseling programs, and faith-based organizations worldwide as it opens the door to more productive dialogue and encourages decision making based on principles such as honesty, loyalty, and commitment. Reinforcing the law of the harvest, the game’s primary lesson is the age-old adage that you will always reap what you sow. They have also created a conversation card game called Face to Face™ that helps to foster effective conversations on real-world issues and to develop the critical life skill of face-to-face communication in a world that is rapidly changing how people connect.”

According to their website, Abundant Harvest is an award-winning, patented,* and fast-moving conversation game that helps families and educators open the door to more productive dialogue. It reinforces the importance of developing strong character traits and encourages good, principle-based decision making. Through this game, players quickly learn the law of the harvest—you reap what you sow.

You can see their information videos and description of all of their games at their website, Harvest Time Partners.  The games range in price from $12.49 – $24.99.  The Abundant Harvest Kids game we reviewed is $24.99.

You can like their Facebook page here.

You can follow them on Twitter here.

Here is the link to the Harvest Time Partners YouTube page. 

Check out the Harvest Time Partners Blog.


Here is their Shipping and Returns Policy:

  • All sales are considered final upon receipt of order.
  • Orders will be shipped within 48 hours of being received. If a shipment will take more than two weeks to deliver, you will be notified via email.
  • If materials are damaged during shipping, please contact us at and we will gladly exchange the damaged product with a new product.
  • If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at so that we can address the concern.
  • Our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Harvest Time Partners also has a charitable organization called the Harvest Time Partners Foundation.  David and his wife Tracy established and sponsor the “Harvest Time Partners Foundation, a charitable organization that supports children and young adults in the pursuit of character-building opportunities worldwide. The Foundation supports a wide range of initiatives from college scholarships to community service projects, as well as international efforts to reduce the suffering of children and young adults”.

For more reviews of Abundant Harvest Games Check out these links:

Brandi @ The Water Sparkles reviewed Face to Face Teen Edition

Chelle @ Living & Loving By Faith reviewed Abundant Harvest for Kids & Face to Face Adult


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My Home School Grades Giveaway!

Hello Everyone!  I have an awesome giveaway for you!  John Echols at My Home School Grades has generously given me a one year subscription to My Home School Grades for one of my readers to win, it could be you!  Before I tell you all the important information you need to know about My Home School Grades, other than we love using this program, I am required to tell you there are affiliate codes in this blog post. !  First, click here if you want to read my review of My Home School Grades I wrote back in May 2013.

      • My Home School Grades was created by a home school dad (John Echols) and a home school graduate (Jordan Shute).


  • You can manage your student’s grades easily.  With My Home School Grades, entering grades is simple. Choose your grading system, no need for a calculator.




  •  photo ScreenShot2013-12-06at92132PM_zpseac91977.pngUse your Curriculum and Lesson Plans. Choose from My Home School Grades collection or add your own. MHSG also allows you to request that specific curriculum be added.


  • Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.21.43 PM



  • Track Extra Curricular Activities.  My Home School Grades allows you to track all of your student’s activities and awards. Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.21.53 PM




  • Export official transcripts. The export feature of My Home School Grades allows you to pull it all together in an official, college ready transcript and print it. Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.22.02 PM


  • My Home School Grades web app works on your computer (desktop or laptop, Windows or Apple), tablet, and smart phone.  We LOVE this feature and have used it on a Windows laptop, an Apple desktop, my iPhone, an iPad, and an iPad Mini so far.

 photo ScreenShot2013-12-06at92210PM_zpsca228cb1.png

You can follow My Home School Grades on Facebook ( and Twitter (

For those of you who do not win or do not want to wait, click here to receive 15% off a recurring subscription. This code is good now through December 31, 2013.


I will be verifying entries. Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy Thanksgiving!

On this day of family, food, and hopefully rest I want to take a moment and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  I pray that each one of you sees the blessings all around you that God has given you and that you are able to share Him and His love with your family and friends, and even those you don’t know.

I have another post I have been working on for our Thanksgiving tree.  So, hopefully, I will have that up soon.  We have taken some time this month as a family to share things that we are thankful for and put them on our tree.  The younger kids have really enjoyed it.


I am thankful for all of you too!

Rachel Sig

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My Home School Grades Deals

Hello Everyone :)  I have told you about My Home School Grades before in a review I wrote back in May.  Today, I am announcing that I am now an affiliate of this wonderful program. I have talked to John Echols, CEO of My Home School Grades, on the phone a couple of times and I believe he is a man of great faith in God and in homeschooling and with great visions for his company. The links I am going to provide are, obviously, affiliate links.  Thank you.

If you have not read that review, here is a brief overview ;) My Home School Grades is a website made for homeschooler by homeschoolers that you can use from your computer, smart phone, tablet, whatever you use to access the internet.  You can plan, track, and report your homeschool grades and activities.  You can pre-plan or backdate the work that you are entering grades for.  You can enter your own lessons or you can use the pre-populated lesson planes from many of the popular homeschool curriculums on the market.  We truly love this program.  For more info and to watch videos about the site, click one of the red links below.


Click here for My Home School Grades Cyber Monday deal – 25% off a recurring subscription. This code is good now through Tuesday, December 3, 2013.

Click here for My Home School Grades December deal of  15% discount off a recurring subscription. This code is good now through December 31, 2013.

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Black Friday 2013 & Cyber Monday Deals

Here are some Black Friday 2013 Deals you should know about….

The links shared are affiliate links, thank you :)

My Home School Grades is offering you a 25% discount on a recurring subscription now through Monday, December 3, 2013.

My Home School Grades is a website made for homeschooler by homeschoolers that you can use from your computer, smart phone, tablet, whatever you use to access the internet.  You can plan, track, and report your homeschool grades and activities.  You can pre-plan or backdate the work that you are entering grades for.  You can enter your own lessons or you can use the pre-populated lesson planes from many of the popular homeschool curriculums on the market.  We truly love this program.


Deborah & Co.’s Black Friday Sale starts at Midnight Central Time on Friday, November 29th

All orders over $100 receive a free scarf! (While supplies last)
Striped maxi dresses are 30% off
Striped and Solid maxi skirts are 20% off
Custom Sewn Women’s and Maternity Ruffle Style Skirts are 10% off.
All Camisoles are 10% off
Fleece Lined Leggings are 15% off
Plus, we will have a selection of ready made custom skirts for 30% off the retail prices! These are available in maternity, women and girl’s styles and in various sizes and colors. Supply is limited, so if you see something you want, act fast as most of these skirts are one of a kind!

Deborah Co’s Black Friday sale is limited to what is what is currently in stock.

You also will want to check their blog on Friday for some other amazing Black Friday deals!


Cyber Monday at CurrClick will see over $1000 in prizes

Check CurrClick’s site on Monday, December 2 and all week long for great prizes, doorbusters, and great deals all week long!

 CurrClick Cyber Mondaylive

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PlayDate Digital’s App My Little Pony Party of One Review

As a member of the Mosaic Reviews Team my family was given the opportunity to review PlayDate Digital’s My Little Pony Party of One App on our iPad.  I jumped at the chance knowing that my kids would love it! I was right.  Little Miss Hugs A Lot, Little Miss FunShine, and Mr. Thoughtful all fought over the chance to play it first.  They wound up with Little Miss Hugs A Lot sitting in the middle holding the iPad with the older kids helping her work her way through it (not that she needed the help, but you know how it is! LOL).  They love playing the app while it reads the story to them and tapping on the interactive parts.  The parent page is easy to access and shows you how many pages were read and how many words have been clicked on. To me, that’s not a huge feature. But is a nice bonus if I choose to look at it.  It only gets annoying when Little Miss Hugs A Lot doesn’t change pages and has it read the same page over and over and over and…like she’s doing now – LOL but she is having fun with the interactive parts, I can’t ask for more than that can I?  Overall, I am pleased with this app and as I have said the kids love playing it.

PlayDate Digital’s My Little Pony Party of One App can be found in the app store for iPad and iPhone, both are $2.99.

MR Disclosure Statement 11

To see more reviews from the Mosaic Reviews Team, click here to, go to the MR blog.

Rachel Sig





Below is the description of the app from the company and their video and press release links.

About the App: My Little Pony: Party of One is an interactive storybook app. It is based on a favorite My Little Pony TV episode and adapted for a preschool audience. It teaches kids social emotional values — friendship, trust and belonging. It was developed in partnership with educational experts. Here is the app description and our learning goals: Description: Get ready for an adventure with Pinkie Pie and her friends in MY LITTLE PONY, Party of One, an intriguing new interactive tale about the magic of friendship. Who throws better parties than Pinkie Pie? Having just finished one celebration, Pinkie Pie sets off to invite all of her favorite ponies to a NEW party, but suddenly every pony seems to be QUITE busy.  What’s going on? Join the investigation as Pinkie Pie visits her My Little Pony friends looking for clues. Bold graphics, bright colors and lots of animations make Party of One an enjoyable and engaging way to be entertained and practice reading skills. Perfect for My Little Pony fans and beginning readers.

Key Features:


Featuring the official voice of PINKIE PIE from the show FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC

Watch the characters animate in playful moments during every story spread

17 scenes that come to life as children tap and explore each page.

Tap on the ponies to move the adventure forward

Highlighted words to help test and build age-appropriate vocabulary

Word round-up to reinforce learning goals

Parents can track children’s learning progress


Everyone wants to belong.  MY LITTLE PONY Party of One uses thoughtful language and lively scenes to gently help children to understand their feelings about friendship membership, tensions and misunderstandings.

Practice reading skills Introduces new vocabulary words Test problem solving skills Social Emotional skills


Social skills may be reinforced by parents and children reading together and discussing:

·      Seeing things from someone else’s perspective

·      Understanding the dilemma that both the ponies and Pinkie Pie are facing

·      Developing empathy for both Pinkie Pie and her friends.

·      Learning how to maintain supportive and honest friendships

·      Understanding the importance of communication and learning


Click here for a video of the app

Click Here to see the Press Release


MLP PO1 photo MLPPO1Collage_zps42b26f19.jpg

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