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Today I am Thankful for…Day 4

Posted by on November 2, 2013

Today, I am THANKFUL for

The ability to pray and that God hears my prayers

 photo LordHearMyPrayerBox-1_zps51cbab4d.jpg

Some days we forget what a blessing it is to able to pray out loud without fear of persecution.  I often pray in my head as I go through my day, with no thought to how wonderful it is to be able to pray out loud.  I find myself praying in my dreams too, I LOVE that prayer is so much a part of me and my life!  I LOVE teaching my little ones to pray at bedtime and throughout their days.  Last night Little Miss Hugs-A-Lot would pray a word or tow then tap me and say, “your turn”.  As I would get out a few words, she would tap her daddy and say, “your turn”.  Then she would immediately say, “my turn”.  I finally had to cut her off so we could actually go to sleep.  I LOVE hearing my husband pray for me and our family!  I am thankful that God knows my thoughts and hears my prayers and answers them, even if the answers are not what I think they should be.

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6 Responses to Today I am Thankful for…Day 4

  1. Christy

    We are truly blessed to have an open channel between us and God!
    Christy recently posted…30 Days of Thanks 2013- Day 4My Profile

    • Rachel

      And a blessing to be able to teach our children of that blessing :)

  2. Joyce

    so very true Rachel. praying should be as second nature as breathing.

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