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the life-changing magic of tidying up book review

Posted by on March 22, 2015

I was given a free copy of the life-changing magic of tidying up the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by marie kondo by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review.

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I have enjoyed reading this book.  I love her idea of only keeping the things that bring you joy.  And I love her recommendations on how to fold and hang your clothing for more space and better visualization of what you have in your drawers / closet.  Brandi has been reorganizing in her room and used these folding methods and it looks great in her drawers.  I will be working on mine soon – I’ve been too busy reading the book 😉  LOL

Marie suggests starting with clothes and moving onto books and then other categories.  She never mentions toys.  She actually says to take care of your own stuff and then everyone else will follow suit – we will see.  But we do have to go through games, toys, and stuffed animals soon so we will see how the “does this bring you joy” question works with Little Miss Hugs-A-Lot 😉

Marie does talk about your belongings being alive and that by touching them you are giving them energy and bringing them back to life.  She also says that when you are getting rid of things that you should thank them for making you happy (whether it was for helping you through the loss of a loved one, figuring out what styles you don’t like, or being worn threadbare) and then donating them or throwing them out.  She says you need to handle every single item as you decide so that you can truly know if it brings you joy.  This makes sense to me.  It also seems to me that it can help to get rid of things easier if you do acknowledge its purpose if=n your life and even thanking the item and God for the item.  I know, I know, the item has no clue that you are thanking it – to me its more about letting yourself acknowledge out loud, for your ears to hear, that this item has served its purpose in your life and now its time to move on.

Some items don’t necessarily bring you joy but you have to have them.  So that old spatula in the kitchen doesnt necessarily bring you joy but what you do with it does.  Feeding your family and friends a nutritious meal, baking a cake to celebrate are things that bring you joy – in effect the item does too.

Honestly, I have enjoyed reading this book and plan to look back through it as I declutter / organize things a bit more around here.  Oh – she says not to declutter by room but by item (clothes, books, makeup, etc.) because so many people keep the same types of items in so many different areas.  I am not sure how I will approach this – but am thinking I may just start with my bedroom because that is where most of my stuff is, if I have similar items in another area I may work on those areas of items at that time too.  We will see over the next few weeks as I delve into working on my room 😀

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