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I want to be a morning person…

Posted by on February 26, 2016

REALLY I DO! I can hear some of you laughing.


The mornings are so fresh and beautiful and sometimes full of song (you know when the birds are out & when Little Miss FunShine daily bursts into the bathroom singing at 6am!).  I can not wake up and be as ready for the day as she is so quickly! Seriously, sometimes it can take me a few hours to actually be awake and able to face the day – what’s up with that?!?  There was a time, when the teenagers were about 4 & 5 maybe, that I would get up at 5am and pray and study God’s Word and start my day that way.  Then Brandi would be up at 6 or 6:30. Tall Boy would sleep until 10 still 😉  But these days if I try to get up early and read or pray I just fall back asleep where I am sitting, hubby was laughing at me the other morning as he watched me try to read.  He’s never believed me that I am just not cut out for mornings, maybe now he gets it.  We talked about it and the way I feel trying to read and function so early in the morning (which honestly can even be 7:00) is how he feels trying to be up and alert at night.  LOL So many people say you can train yourself to be a morning person, maybe you can, maybe I did when the bigs were littles but these days I’m not sure I have the strength to do so.  Some days I wake up at 5 and I go check on the kids then go back to bed next to my sleeping hubby who gets up shortly after that.  I think I should stay up, and I want to stay up, but I figure what’s the point if I am just going to fall asleep praying or reading so I crawl right back under those warm covers.  I can move around and clean stuff up but I don’t want to do that while the kids are asleep, know what I mean? I want to be the mom that when the kids wake up they see me downstairs reading the Bible and praying and reading books to learn or for fun, is it ok for them to see me sitting on the couch sound asleep with my Bible (or phone if I’m reading the daily readings from it) in my hands? Why not? At least that shows I’m making that effort. But I can’t beat myself up either if my better time is at night.  I can still pray and read first thing in the morning and again an hour later and a few hours later and at dinner time and at bed time – that’s what we are really supposed to be doing right?  Praying and meditating on God’s ways and His Word ALL day, not just a few minutes in the morning.  So, for now, maybe I will pick certain days to try to be a morning person and work into it as I continue to learn and teach my children about God and His Ways throughout our days.


I am linking this post over at Kate Motaung’s blog Heading Home Five Minute Friday post 🙂 Join us!                                                                                                                                             

Rachel Sig

2 Responses to I want to be a morning person…

  1. Bethany

    Hi, Coming over from FMF. I laughed outloud at certain parts of this! Though I am a morning person I can so see what you are talking about here. And thanks for the reminder to give God the BEST part of our day (even if not the morning) and try walk with Him throughout the day too.

    • Rachel

      Thanks for your comment Bethany! Whenever I think of Little Miss FunShine slamming the bathroom door open EVERY single morning and singing in the joy of being awake I have to laugh but then I start to wish I had her energy and her enthusiasm for mornings – maybe someday, but I doubt it! LOL So often, I feel like people think you are a bad person if you are not giving God your first moments as your best time. God made me and I’m pretty sure He knows that I can wake up say “good Morning, Thanks for another day and another nights sleep, even if it wasn’t as good as I’d like” and fully mean it without spending an hour then and there struggling to pray and stay awake and read His Word. Now to balance being a night owl married to a morning person… LOL

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