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homeschool planning fun…

Posted by on September 27, 2016

I love homeschool planning.  I really do! This year we are changing things up a bit! And almost a month in I am so glad we are! All 5 kids have their own weekly planners and I have a journal that I am planning my days in.  We started back to school September 5, after my parents left from their visit (hence why I had nothing planned yet 😉 LOL ). For the little 3 I am writing in the subjects for them them on each day ahead of time (Religion, Math, Language, Science, History, P.E., Home Ec., etc.) then I write in what we did – easy peasy! The teens are still planning their own days.  So far, we have had 2 kids go on a business trip with their dad, 1 kid run the business while Dad was away, and 3 kids get sick and I got sick too! So, on days we couldn’t do book work we sat not he couch & read library books – we have an overabundance of them right now 😉 We have been to Mom’s group at church, co-op once (missed a field trip because of the sickness), the library twice, and church services too. I grade what the kids are doing as we go along and then I write their grade next to the assignment in the workbook.  I bought all of their planners at Target this year, Mardel didn’t have the ones I wanted.  I LOVE the Mead Five Star planners that the older 4 are using (they have pencils holders too), and Little Miss Hugs-A-Lot picked hers out is actually a teacher planner. They used stickers to put their names on the covers (pink, black colored silver with permanent marker and rainbow zebra striped).

Mondays are home ec days with a little bit of Religion and Language (reading) thrown in. Tuesdays – Thursdays are school days with a bit of fun thrown in.  Fridays are co-op or full on school days.  That’s the way it is supposed to work anyway 😉 Tuesdays have been more like Mondays lately though, and so far I am cool with that. Seriously, I am NOT stressing about things not going to plan because there is no major plan that I have to redo!

In my planner I am writing the day on the top line.  Above that, I write if it’s a church day, or co-op, or whatever else might be important.  Then I write in what I want to do that day, under that I put sparkly blue washi tape where I record my water intake.  I use sparkly pink wash tape to label a Praise & Notes section 🙂 I am using permanent markers and permanent marking pens.  Crazy simple compared to how we did it before and I am loving it! Oh, I have bought stickers to help plan too.  Crosses for church days, paw prints for puppy bath day, hearts for date night.  I am looking at getting more soon.

I am getting an organizer for all my pens / markers / colored pencils / crayons / tape / etc. 😉 Hopefully this weekend 😀

I will update more in a week or so, maybe with pics of my planner I am using for myself right now 🙂

What’s working for you for your homeschool planning this year?

How do you organize all your fun pens / tapes /stickers / etc?

Rachel Sig


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