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Cast All Your Cares…

Posted by on January 30, 2014

1 Peter 5:7-8  (NIV)

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

This is the second week of the Made to Crave Online Bible Study with Proverbs 31.  This week’s Bible verse (1 Peter 5:7-8) is about casting your cares (anxiety) on Him because He cares for us.  Mellisa Taylor said in the optional conference call on Monday, that word CAST is not gently handing your cares over to God but CASTING like a fisherman casting his line!  I LOVE that description.  So often, we as women, tend to live in our heads and hearts so thoughts easily turn to worries or cares and then to anxiety.  If we do not CAST our cares on God then we are either holding on to them or we are politely handing them over to Him just in case we *need* to take them back and worry about them some more.  I know, I know, really I do, it’s not that easy to CAST our cares to God.  I mean, it’s seriously not like we can see our cares or we can walk up to Him and hand him that Pepsi or that bill or that child that we are so concerned about at that exact moment.  Today has been a stressful day for me.  I wanted that Pepsi and it was still on my grocery list from a past shopping trip, but I didn’t buy it.  I truly dislike grocery shopping.  And then when I got home I am immediately told, “Mom, you need to deal with Mr. Thoughtful” before I’m even at the front door.  God, I am casting all my cares on you! Did my day get easier?  Not really and I still haven’t gotten around to working out today.  But I do know that it could be worse and I survived grocery shopping without succumbing to all the awful things I could have bought (Hostess anyone?).  My legs still burn from working out yesterday and I LOVE that I am reminded of that workout so I don’t feel like a complete failure today.  And, I REALLY want to read that book I mentioned above – Made to Crave.  I am looking forward to sitting down with a hot cup of tea, the other half of my oatmeal raisin cookie My Man bought me a few days ago, and my Bible studies and breathe and cast all my cares on God because I know He cares about me.  How do I know?  Because He created me! I encourage all of you to CAST ALL YOUR CARES ON HIM BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT YOU…

(btw, my evening is shaping up to be calmer I thought.  The teens are working on their To Kill a Mockingbird critical essays that are due tomorrow, the little ones are watching Valiant (Little Miss-Hugs-A-Lot keeps saying, “I don’t like this movie.  I want My Little Pony!” while stamping her foot, but shes watching it).  So, I’m off to fix dinner then I will sit down and eat with my family then we will clean the kitchen and I will then go sit down with my Bible studies (Made to Crave and Intentionally Focused) and my tea and 1/2 a cookie.)

What cares have you cast on God this week?  What cares do you need to cast on Him? Please share in the comments.

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4 Responses to Cast All Your Cares…

  1. Nancy Silvers

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve recently been diagnosed with an illness that, at the moment, will require life long treatment and dietary changes.Also financial burdens but I’m casting them and throwing the darn fishing pole into the water so I can’t reel them back in. Praying your quiet time( and that 1/2 cookie) were blessed tonight!

    • Rachel

      Nancy, thanks my cookie and hot tea were delish 🙂 I went over by a few calories tonight but I’m ok with that 😉 I love that point, throw the fishing pole with the cares! I was just reading this verse and may add it to my post later, but you should look up Psalm 63:1-8 paying special attention to verse 5 😉 Saying a prayer for you!

  2. Katrina Wylie (OBS small group leader)

    Hi Rachel! Glad to hear I’m not alone in tending to live in my head & heart 🙂 The cares that I cast on Him this week was my computer/internet not working properly and throwing my schedule all off whack. When I get stressed from stuff like that I tend to eat, but not this week, praise God!!
    Katrina Wylie (OBS small group leader) recently posted…Anxiety Willed or Spirit Filled?My Profile

    • Rachel

      Katrina, WTG! Out of whack schedules can really send ya for the cookies right?!? Be encouraged, you are able to do this with God’s help and you have proven it to yourself all ready! Trying to get out of my head and into God’s word more 🙂

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