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Abraham by Charles Swindoll – Book Review

Posted by on February 19, 2015

I LOVED the book Abraham by Charles Swindoll!  I was given a free copy of this book by Tyndale House Publishers in return for an honest review.

Abraham Cover

I finished reading Abraham two nights ago and pretty much underlined the last 2 chapters!  Charles Swindoll talked about being old in spirit and even being dead but not in the grave.  Abraham & Sarah were married for over 100 years – he remarried (Genesis 25:1) sometime after her death and had 6 more sons (no mention of daughters), and died at 175 years old!  He lived a life of faith, one where he rarely knew what to expect when God gave him instructions to go or to do.  If we had all the answers, we would not need God!  Abraham was not perfect and did not always do as we would expect a faithful servant of God to act.  Often, in our minds, we think a faithful servant has no flaws and never questions God.  Abraham lied about his marriage to Sarah at least two times, laughed when God told him Sarah would have a baby at 90 years of age pleaded with God for Lot’s life, took matters into his won hands with Hagar (& Ishmael).  But, he always returned to God & His promises.  He knew God’s promises. He did not know when they would be fulfilled.  He didn’t doubt God’s promises.  He didn’t know God’s plan to fulfill those promises.  It’s easy to grow weary when we try to figure out God’s plan, we try to figure out God’s plan, or fret over not knowing the timing or the stepping stones on the path.  If we try to push the plan, it can feel like we are wandering in the dark or like we are in limbo living between two lives.

God’s plan isn’t past then future, or A then Z, or river bank then river bank; there’s the present, B – Y, and river in the middle.  The middle, life, needs faith in God.  Faith in God means trusting Him with the details while you continue living your life.  Don’t act like you’re all ready dead.  Enjoy your family, spend time with friends, read a book, exercise, spend time worshiping, talking to and hearing from God.

On page 249, Charles Swindoll writes, “Great rewards await if you obey without knowing all the details.  It’s a principle God wants each of His followers to experience.  Learning to trust Him is like making a journey step after step.  Faith builds upon faith.  When we trust, we receive unexpected blessings.  This strengthens our confidence and inspires us to trust God again as take another step.  It isn’t complicated, but it goes against our nature.”

I learned so much and am challenged in my faith walk.  I highly recommend you read this book, make the opportunity – don’t just wait for it.

Rachel Sig

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